Here at Howbridge Infant School we are proudly part of ‘The Children’s Health Project’. This project delivers a holistic programme of health and wellbeing for all pupils. In delivering this programme we not only cover many aspects of the National Curriculum, but go above and beyond the baseline of expectation, enabling pupils to build a health toolkit, which they can rely on for many years. Within the programme there are 4 key areas:

  • Healthy Movement
  • Healthy Eating
  • Healthy Habits
  • Healthy Thoughts

These areas are taught through a variety of different ways in school including short lessons, assemblies and group activities that underpin all of what we do in the school environment.

To make these areas accessible and memorable for the children they each have a fictional character related to them. These are Captain Kinetic, Agent Lifestyle, Nutrition Ninja and Mindset Warier. These characters are integrated into many things that we do in school and the children are very familiar with them and what they represent. Please familiarise yourself with these characters too, as you will be seeing them around the school, on this website and on our newsletters, where they will share what we have been doing in school and give you some tips or ideas for activities at home too.

Midday Assistants

We are a team of Midday Assistants.

  • Mrs H Allen
  • Mrs Harris
  • Mrs Lapwood
  • Mrs Kempen
  • Mrs Waddington
  • Mrs Andrew
  • Mrs Thompson
  • Mrs Gough
  • Mrs Freeman
  • Mrs Ingham

We each have a particular responsibility for a class at lunchtime. Our overall aim is to ensure that the children in our care are happy and safe. We work in the hall, supervising the children eating lunch and try to encourage good manners and healthy eating. We also promote positive play in the playground and we have a designated play leader to promote fun games and activities. Some children are appointed as play leaders too. Good behaviour at lunchtime is celebrated in assembly and children are awarded for demonstrating positive behaviour and inclusive play where all children and adults are valued and respected. If it is raining we supervise the children in the classrooms. Each class has chosen a range of games and toys that they love to play so we join in these with the children. Lunchtimes are fun and we try to use all the resources we have – our favourite being the Bridge and Elephant!

Play Leaders and Mini Middays

We have a number of children who have taken on the responsibility of Play Leader at lunchtime.  These children help to initiate games on the playground.  We also have some mini middays and these children help in the school hall at lunchtime.  Children receive awards and certificates for their hard work and support.